• All January bags are made of high end leathers. Each product uses unique leather hence we recommend that they are handled, used and stored with utmost care.
  • All types of leathers and other hardware have a tendency to react to humidity, which will / may cause permanent wear and tear to the product.
  • Therefore we recommend that these bags be kept away from water, heat, oil, grease, alcohol and other abrasive materials.
  • Always store your Bag in the dust bag provided while storing.
  • Please store the bags when not in use in a dry area to avoid any unpleasant smell from mould or fungal growth.

Leather Care

  • All our leathers are processed differently and have their own unique properties hence slight variations is entirely normal and accepted
  • Leather being a natural material will have variations. No two leathers or bags will be alike.
  • Some leathers that are waxy or tanned using vegetable tannins can age with time and this adds to the beauty of the product and does not qualify as a defect.
  • FOIL LEATHERS: Please note that all foil leathers (metallic and non metallic) with time and abrasion will/may use some of its surface coating. Hence it’s advisable to keep the bags away from sharp objects. These kinds of leathers are also porous and absorbent in nature, therefore it is recommended you keep this away from liquids.