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January Leathers | Pure Leather Handbags Online For Ladies In India

Our Founder

Swati Chandrasekhar, is a young creative entrepreneur whose education, ambition, passion and vision has led to JANUARY LEATHERS. She is a qualified Leather Technologist from A.C.Tech , Anna University , Chennai in collaboration with CLRI, which lays the much needed technical foundation to envision and embark a leather goods business like this. When most young girls and boys at her age chose to go with the traditional sectors as an obvious career choice she steered in a different direction fueled by her love for leather production and everything in leather by starting hers in the Core leather industry. She worked with one of the best leather companies in our nation, TATA international Ltd, Dewas in the production line that gave her the opportunity to experiment , create and work with new kinds of processing in leather development.

January Leathers | Pure Leather Purse Online For Ladies In India

Our Story

January was started with the aim of making beautiful handcrafted leather bags which are an amalgamation of functionality, beauty, and luxury that suit the modern womens sensibilities and culture. All our leathers are processed in sustainable tanneries that conform to the international REACH standards of testing.

For any woman, a handbag is so much more than just a bag, it’s not just something that carries our essentials and Ahem!!(The not so essential stuff also at most times!!) We carry it everywhere and share our deepest secrets and dreams in it. It’s really an extension of one’s personality to say the very least.

This is what we try to achieve at JANUARY by discarding the conventional design thought process and daring to go that extra mile to bring out what every quintessential Indian woman needs. We want to establish that leather is not always about boring blacks and tans … it is so much more. So this one’s inspired by the modern Woman. Just like her, our bags are strong, bold, beautiful and unapologetically stylish.